Back in the game after 6 years!

New to Delica Canada? Please introduce yourself and your van!
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Back in the game after 6 years!

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Hello everyone, I just re-registered an account on here as I recently made the decision to re-enter the world of right-hand Brains! I was on here at the begining stages of this import wave when I acquirred my first L300 back in 2008 and again with my second L300 in 2009. Due to known issues with the 4D56 engines such as lacking power and engine head failures that had me spend too much valuable time driving up to Glen’s team at Cc Autos in Coombs, about 6 years ago, I made a decision to sell and get a Toyota tacoma.

I missed my Delica and it’s 4X4 capabilities, fun to drive and compact turning radius. I had a bed in the back and plenty of storage, I had redone the floor in wood laminate and hauled my boat with it too! It had toyota 4 runner rims with spacers and 31’s BFG with a custom ladder and roof rack. I loved my Delica!
I recently sold the toyota tacoma and am seriously considering buying a gen 2 1998 L400 6 cyl. Gas engine.
I reconnected with Glenn at cc autos over the weekend and I’m pumped again!
I realise that from having been on this forum a million times in the past that the wealth of information is just endless! But please forgive my impatience and attempt at saving hours of digging thru the archives to find the most direct way to get some answers but can some experienced members chime in on some badic questions to get me educated i to a consious decision to get a gas L400?
Here are my questions: gas tank size?
( I read that mileage was averaging 12-15 Liters per 100kms but I want to know tank size)
On a well maintained unit by doing periodical preventative maintenance as usual, what are the main issues? ( I heard transmission and valve stem seals, causing for excessive oil consumption, any other known issues perticar to those specific engines?)
The unit I’m looking at has 3” lift and currently on 255-70-16’s, what is max size tires and wheel combo without rubbing or interfering with sliding door?
I heard that you can push the wheels outwards so as to widen the stance a bit ( I had achieved this on my L 300 with bolt-on wheel spacers) and I read on the facebook page that someone used steel 15X8 pro comp wheels with a 4.5” backspacing and 31X10.5R15’s BFG’s and had no issues after some minimal banging the seems flat in the wheel wells.
I’m also looking for plans for a folding bed set up and thoughts on putting a vent in tbe ceiling to vent off moisture when sleeping in the van to avoid condensation.
That’s about it!!
Feel free to redirect me to exact posts that address these questions or just give me a plain strait up answer if you have a tested and proven solution to some of these.
Thanks and I look forward to the adventure again! Cheers!
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