Pre Purchase Inspection Advise

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Pre Purchase Inspection Advise

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Hello all!

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1988 L300 from an importer here in Tampa, FL. I’m new to this forum and Delicas generally so excuse me if this has been discussed at length. I’ve read over the “so you own a Delica now” checklist and that was quite helpful. I’d like to get further advise and experience of what people would consider red flags, reasons not to purchase, or things that aren’t deal breakers but need to be addressed. I don’t see many ‘88s for sale or being driven by people, is there a reason for that.

I’ve already looked it over myself and it looked super clean, especially for its age but I consider myself a novice here. I’ve enlisted the help of a local performance diesel mechanic that’s going to give it a more closer look next week with it on a lift and such. Though this person isn’t a Delica specialist I think they should be able to give me further insight. The price seems to be average but it’s a decent chunk of change so I want to know what I’m getting myself into (as much as possible).

I appreciate your insight and I’ve already learned a lot poking around here.

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Pre Purchase Inspection Advise

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