Delica or Pajero Diesel for Calgary Weather??

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Delica or Pajero Diesel for Calgary Weather??

Post by xocomil » Mon Jun 24, 2019 6:40 pm

Hey all.

I'll be returning to Calgary after many years in Central America. Here I drive a Hyundai Terracan 2.5 TD (based on pre-2001 Montero / Pajero drivetrain) and a 1995 3.0L Montero.

I'd thought about buying a 2003 Pajero 2.8TD here and driving it up, but they're more than 10K CAD here. Thought about a LC as well, but they're more than $20K CAD here - and I reckoned there might be issues with diesel in Calgary, especially winter time.

Other option is to buy a RHD Delica / Pajero in Alberta, but again, my fear is that diesel will start hard in winter, and possibly be prone for expensive repairs.

I do love the idea of a weekend machine .. but perhaps a staid Toyota minivan might be more reliable (I had a Previa AWD 5-spd that I drove to Guatemala and back a few times, plus trips to Belize, etc - but it was so low to the ground).

Thanks for any and all advice!


Ralph in Winnipeg
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Delica or Pajero Diesel for Calgary Weather??

Post by Ralph in Winnipeg » Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:11 pm

Calgary doesn't often get so cold that diesels won't start. If all the systems are in good shape, you use some fuel additive and you have a block heater, recirculating heater or polar pad, you're set. If you often leave it for days at a time and you can't plug it in, there could be issues, but that is generally an unlikely scenario.

Ralph in Winnipeg

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Shaun Van Ramen
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Delica or Pajero Diesel for Calgary Weather??

Post by Shaun Van Ramen » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:26 pm

I'll concur with a Deli in the cold. A proper battery set-up helps as well.
in -10c mine would start but it always took 10+ attempts.

They key is letting it warm up properly and keeping it warm. I invested a few bucks on a piece of sheet metal and made what I call a "Winter Damn" that I mount down low in front of the engine compartment. It blocks the direct flow of air going into that area. So the engine stays a little warmer and it's not so drafty in the cab.
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