L400 6g72 - Overheating issue

Mitsubishi Delica L400 production commenced in 1994 -- After much anticipation, the L400 arrived on Canadian Soil in 2009!
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L400 6g72 - Overheating issue

Post by Dima »

Hello Everyone!

I am the owner of an L400 6G72 3L gas. I have an issue with steam. It happens after driving at or before 2,000 rpm on steep forest road, with a minimum elevation of 300+ meters. The steam appears from the driver's side of the valve cover gasket. Here is the list of what I have already fixed trying to solve this problem:

- gasket has been replaced, due to some oil leakage. Helped with oil leakage but didn't help with steam.
- thermostat replaced. No problem with temperature.
- Radiator and fan clutch replaced.
- all radiator hoses look okay, no coolant discovered.
- front heating works well.
- rear heating doesn't work

Does anyone know what it could be? Waterpump? Something else entirely..?
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L400 6g72 - Overheating issue

Post by thelazygreenfox »

Steam from around the valve cover gasket??? Was the oil milky under the valve cover? Otherwise the head is warped or worse.

Do you see steam at the overflow or is the thermostat venting at the overflow bottle?

Is your water level at the mark in the overflow bottle?

How high is your temp guage after a small climb like you mentioned.

3 litre deli engines have lots of temperature tolerance and seldom overheat. If it starts to overheat (guage) turn on the front (and rear) heater and carry a jug of water. Good summer survival practise!!

love to hear more.
MD :-D :-D :M
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