Delica Space Gear L400 fluids

Mitsubishi Delica L400 production commenced in 1994 -- After much anticipation, the L400 arrived on Canadian Soil in 2009!
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Delica Space Gear L400 fluids

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Didn't see a thread on this, and my L400 manual is pretty extensive, so thought I would post this here for reference in case anyone else needs.

Engine oil: 5W30 (for cases between -30C and +40C) or 10W30 (-20C to 40C+). 4.5L for 3000cc gasoline, 8.3L for diesel.
Auto transmission oil: 9.3L ATF SPII-M (Mitsubishi genuine oil recommended)
Transfer case oil: 2.5L of SAE75W/85W GL-4 gear oil.
Differential oil, front: 0.9L, if operating <10C then SAE80W, if >10C then SAE90. Mitsubishi Superhypoid gear oil GL-5.
Differential oil, rear: 1.6L-2.6L (depending on short vs long body), if operating <10C then SAE80W, if >10C then SAE90. Mitsubishi Superhypoid gear oil GL-5 (same as front oil).
Washer fluid: 2.3L front, 1.2L rear.
Power steering fluid: 1L Mitsubishi ATF II (please do NOT use ATF SPII M).
Coolant: both 2.8L diesel and 3L gasoline, 11L.

Battery: 80D26R for 3000cc wagon, 95D31R for non-cold climate package diesel, 2x80D26R for cold climate package diesel.

Spark plugs: NGK PFR6J-11 or Denso PK20PR-P11

Long section on lamps (basically H1 for high beams, H7 for low beams, then a long mix of 21W/5W for outside lighting and a mix of smaller lamps for interior lighting).

Not sure if this is useful to anyone, but hey, better than sitting on the info.
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Delica Space Gear L400 fluids

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There is also the vehicle maintenance information label, which is stuck to an air intake duct under the bonnet, to refer to too.
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