L400 Series 1 LWB needs starter, window motor, bracket

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L400 Series 1 LWB needs starter, window motor, bracket

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Hi Folks;

My 4M40 Deli died in Vancouver (3 hour drive away) with a starter problem. BCAA managed to get it running (by beating on the starter) enough for me to park it there. This was just before Xmas so no one was available to work on it. Kal Tire had a look and said the connections are good but won't do the swap.

Tomorrow I will be phoning around to figure out where to take it in for repair. Rising Sun is the closest to where it's parked, but they don't have a core available, and won't have lift time until the 10th. Do you?

The driver's window motor died. I don't need the arms; just the motor. (the rubber donut inside the motor is torn up)
The sliding door's rear bracket has lost it's roller. I assume I need a replacement bracket with roller.

The 2 last items are tentatively ordered from a parts van in Alberta but I guess the owner is busy...

Can you help?

thanx, John
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