Dash lights, sliding door auto-lock kaput

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Dash lights, sliding door auto-lock kaput

Post by pj_jazzy_janz » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:27 pm

These may not be related, but the dash lights (for speedo, tach, fuel, temp) don’t come on anymore, even when headlights are on. SuperSelect, warning lights, gear indicator and turn signals all still work. I’m hoping it’s a fuse, but I can’t find a fuse for dash lights. Does anyone know which fuse they’re attached to?

Also, the auto-lock on the sliding door has stopped working, and you can only lock the door with the key - the power locks will lock and unlock all other doors, but not the slider.

It would be really nice if these were just some blown fuses (even better if it were one blown fuse), but any direction in which to start looking would be immensely appreciated!!

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