Need a Saftey for a 89 L300 in Winnipeg Area

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Need a Saftey for a 89 L300 in Winnipeg Area

Post by Sandbar151 » Mon May 27, 2019 7:46 am

Good Morning everyone. I am new to the forum and live out in Grand Beach. I currently picked up a mint 1989 Super Exceed L300 to add to our collection. I'm in search of a shop for a safety on her. does anyone have a suggestion? We own an other 1992 Exceed that runs on Bio if anyone has questions on the converstion. As we own a number of deep fryers these vans are perfect for running filtered veggie oil. As our new van is in such great shape, we want to insure she gets the proper going though.

We also do a number of runs with the vans here in the back country of the east beaches, and would enjoy talk to others that would like to set up a meet like desend on Bend in Oregon. Its such a great van event in Oregon every fall.


Ralph in Winnipeg
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Need a Saftey for a 89 L300 in Winnipeg Area

Post by Ralph in Winnipeg » Thu May 30, 2019 3:05 pm

Hi Tyler, welcome! Are you looking in the city or out your way? I've been happy with Ness Auto on Ness and Sturgeon Creek Automotive on Portage around Moray. I work in Selkirk and Selkirk Tire is a good shop as well.

Post some pics of your Delis and hopefully I'll see you around.

Ralph in Winnipeg
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