New to Delicas and trading up!

New to Delica Canada? Please introduce yourself and your van!
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New to Delicas and trading up!

Post by Khrolar » Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:03 pm

Hello everyone!

My names Peter, and i'm based out of Victoria bc. Me and my girlfriend are rock climbers and mountaineers, spending most weekends out doing something crazy! Im currently driving a 2017 Tacoma i bought new 2 years ago, but lately we have really wanted something we can sleep in, and carry 6 people comfortably.... Which lead us to Delicas! we looked into many other 4wd vans but all were out the price range.

Currently i'm reading a ton on these awesome vans, and trying to decide what we (I) want. So far im trying to find a L400, 2.8L diesel engine for the (slightly) better fuel mileage. Captains chairs for the second row, along with a LWB.
Also trying to decide to go with a direct import, or buy a local one second hand.... decisions, decisions.

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New to Delicas and trading up!

Post by Bcost » Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:36 pm

Hi Peter,

Sounds like we're in a similar situation... I'm also from Victoria, BC, but I'm looking to make a mountain biking mother-ship out of one of these beauties (more people, more bikes, option to sleep inside).

I'm looking for the EXACT same model, though I've been finding conflicting reviews on the petrol vs diesel engines as of late.

Have you had any developments in your search since you last posted? I'm also on the fence of importing vs buying local.

***Additionally, I've been interested in finding a local club to see if I can have a coffee with some owners in Victoria, and exchange notes/opinions.


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New to Delicas and trading up!

Post by TardisDeli » Fri Feb 15, 2019 1:24 am

Hi Guys, we all had similar debates before buying. I have L300, but driven friends 400s. Having led dozens of delica group camping trips, here's my take. Diesel is perfect, but reluctant to start in cold weather unless plugged in to electric for half hr prior to starting ... snow camping when alone needs a second deli or huge jump starter battery just in case for safety. Height important ... do u need to get into parkade forfor home or work. Seat configuration 2nd row ...bench or captains, cant be changed later as floor strength in bolt areas differ. Never get glass roof windows, leak!! Tires bfg at only, best all round (buy new here, costco maybe cheapest). Transmission auto best, as more of em...manual can be impossible to find when replacing. Buy from here so can testdrive... rust isnt fully indicated on auction sheets. Coombs Country autos great for repairs ... reliable honest knowledgeable ... and sometimes have 1 for sale. Lazy Green Fox on forum here lloves L400sL400s so is terrific resource. If buying local, ask on this forum if anyone knows them. Cheers christine.
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