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Locate the Recreation Site

Post by lrp374 » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:55 pm

Hyas Lake is my first contribution for the year. Hyas is one of the nearby lakes I forgot to include for good Recreation Sites. Hyas is less than 40 km. from highway #5 and a good portion is paved. If you're staying @ Paul Lake PP it would cut your trip in half. Hyas has a few cabins and a small fishing lodge that could ruin it's pristine nature. However, anytime I've been there no one is @ the cabins and I've only seen a few people wondering around the lodge. At most I've been joined by 1 other boat on the lake and they were day fishers as well. The site is supposed to have 4 camp sites but only 3 are really usable and are next to each other right near the lake. The site has 2 wharfs tied together to keep them afloat. They are handy as the lake is very shallow at this end. The lake has lots of deep and shallow areas which make fishing interesting. Most fish are not large but are still fun to catch. Hyas is good to fish all summer as it is just over 4000' . More old ones to come before the new season starts.
Sign from back in the day of BCFS sites!
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Boat launch and 2 camp sites
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Wharf area and boat launch
100_7774a.JPG (95.04 KiB) Viewed 34 times
My usual fish picture to show people I can really catch a fish!
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Route from Hwy #5.jpg
Route to Hyas Lake
Route from Hwy #5.jpg (131.58 KiB) Viewed 34 times

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