L300 main fusebox: Fuse locations

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L300 main fusebox: Fuse locations

Post by Mystery Machine » Mon Feb 26, 2007 10:36 am

Here is a list of what each fuse in the fusebox controls. Might be handy if you are trying to locate the fuse of a 'malfunctioning' piece of equipment!

Top row from left

10A Interior lamps
10A Hazard warning lights
15A Horn
10A Stop lamps
15A Headlamp (high beam)
15A Headlamp (high beam)
15A Headlamp (low beam)
15A Rear window de-mister
20A Rear heater
20A Door lock

Bottom row from left

15A Wipers
15A Front cigarette lighter
15A Rear cigarette lighter
20A Sunroof motors
15A Indicators
20A Front heater
15A Heated seats**
--- Optional equipment
--- Optional equipment
--- Optional equipment

** Heated seats a very VERY rare factory fit option!! :?
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