Camper Interior Kit

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Camper Interior Kit

Post by coop74 »

Are there companies that make prefabricated interiors for the Delica like there is for VW's or has any one tried to put a VW interior in a L300?
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Camper Interior Kit

Post by philmeup1 »

I don't know of anyone that specifically does camper conversions for L300's. You'd have to sort out finding someone with those skills and see what could be done. I have an Westfalia bed n the back of my van that came out of a WV Bus from the late '70's. I had a retired friend who used to teach construction at a high school in town help me with the conversion.

The bench folds out flat to a bed. And when you lift up the rear tailgate, there's storage and a slide out sink. It works well, but the interior is very small and there's not much room in there for a decent Westfalia type conversion. He did the basic conversion and then I attempted to trim it all in so it would look nice and finished. Unfortunately that didn't work very well because I lack the proper skills for this job. It is still functional and that's all I really need for right now.

What I'd love to do is put a high roof on it with a bed up top. The problem is finding the roof.

Anyway, there's the long answer to your question.
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