1995 Delica nearing EOL

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1995 Delica nearing EOL

Post by Rural » Tue Jun 09, 2020 4:02 pm

So I have a 1995 Delica Space Gear that has served me very well. However, I think it is reaching the end of its useful life.

The problems are mounting and becoming hard to ignore. The main issue is that it doesn't start well once the temperature approaches freezing. Anything below -5C is pretty much a no-go. I basically don't drive it at all from November until March. Replacing the glow plugs in the fall helps, but they die pretty fast, like a month or two. There's also an electrical issue that causes the radio reception to worsen and improve intermittently. One of the door sensors seems to have issues which causes the battery to drain every so often. Oh! And the A/C stopped working completely. (The little hook thingy near the engine that turns the A/C on and off broke.)

I'm not a mechanic and haven't yet find one that will deal with the issues for a reasonable price. So I've just ignored the issues and focused on enjoying what I like about the van.

Maybe I just haven't found the right mechanic and could deal with these issues given a bit of a push, getting a couple more years out of it. Or maybe I could find a nice Space Gear with a gas engine. Or, prepare yourself for heresy, I could do the practical thing and get something meant for the North American automobile market. I'm waffling here.

I'm open to suggestions on how to tune it up, even if that's just pointing a mechanic in the right direction with parts (ie. injection pump seals).

I'm also wondering if the Delica has fallen out of style, because I'm not seeing the selection that I seem to remember. I'd also expect to see newer models, like 2005s. Has something changed?

Lastly, the Space Gear has worked really well for us, but find myself wondering about alternatives. Minivans for the local market are nothing like a Space Gear, in feel and features. For example, I'd really miss being able to fold my seats up and out of the way. If you had to look at something other than a Delica, but as near to it as possible, what would it be?

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