Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

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Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

Post by gregger » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:27 am

This vehicle has many qualities that I like (4WD, off-road capacity, diesel, relatively good fuel economy, versatility (cargo/people)); however, they are not common where I live, and parts, knowledgeable mechanics, etc. are difficult to come by. It's also old and high km, though quite immaculate in the rust department.

At the same time I'm completely ignorant about these vehicles.

People, please, talk me into it - or out of it.


Ralph in Winnipeg
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Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

Post by Ralph in Winnipeg » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:10 pm

The first step is to become un-ignorant or knowledgeable about these vehicles, read, read, read. Research this forum and determine common themes like they're not very fast and egt temps are something to be mindful of, can you handle that? Are you comfortable ordering parts and filters online? Search for diesel mechanics in your area, Mitsubishi is a very well known brand in industry, agriculture and marine diesels any reputable shop can perform repairs. How mechanically inclined are you? Any 20 year old, high km vehicle is going to have issues, can you fix it or will a mechanic be needed? For the right person, these vans are great, you have to figure out if your in this subset of the population.

Ralph in Winnipeg

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Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

Post by archieim » Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:23 am

Connect with people on hear post your location if you’re comfortable. Maybe someone can help you navigate in your area.
These vans are popular the closer to the west coast the better as far as getting the parts you need faster. I don’t think parts are an issue sometimes you’ll have to wait.
Diagnosis mechanical issue maybe.
The diesels are a lot of fun and people usually ask more questions when they are idling at an intersection or near a bus stop.
I would definitely ask question like what make this van valuable. Does it have any after market parts? ie a ladder or roof racks. Any up grades like Led lights or seats with arm rests
I’d imagine the chamonix does have an upgraded interior.
While 260,000 is a lot of kms not so much for a diesel. It’s the parts around the diesel that have either been replaced or need to be!

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Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

Post by dr_airtime » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:35 pm

I would only get one with 260k if:

1) You are buying from the original owner in Canada and it is obvious they know their stuff.

2) Original owner went through only CVI, Rising Sun or Amazing Auto to import and upgrade van and replace all major engine, transmission parts/seals and sterring linkages when the Delica arrived. They needed to spend $4-6k on this alone or you'll just continuously run into problems with stuff that breaks down - radiator, injector pump, engine seals, breaks, steering linkages etc. This is a 20 year old van. It needed a major lifecycle rebuild.

3) No weird rust spots on body or around sunroof on roof = water seepage

4) Most important: If is is an L400: No Corrosion on the frame underbody, and hopefully only limited rust. You need to get it inspected, hoisted and then look everywhere. Most important thing for L400s as frames are susceptible to rust (not enough zinc in steel?). If it has been underbody sprayed then you want to buy it from the original owner and hopefully they have pictures of underbody rust from before it was sprayed. This rust is not an issue for L300s.

If they bought it recently from Velocity Imports in Vancouver then stay away. Apparently Velocity doesn't even change oil but charges the price that Rising Sun and Amazing Auto currently charge for a freshly imported L400 with a major overhaul ($13,000+). They are trying to scalp you.

Based on what I've figured out upgrading from an L300 to an L400 in the last couple months do not buy a Van that has been underbody sprayed unless the owner has an original picture of the underside from before it was sprayed as you don't know what is hiding. I'm keeping my picture from pre-spray for diligence when I likely sell my new van years down the road.

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Shaun Van Ramen
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Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

Post by Shaun Van Ramen » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:50 pm

All that was said above as well as, when buying any used vehicle, does the previous owner have service records?
I've had my L300 for 8 years and I have every scrap of paper that applies to work done. So if I ever sell the next owner will get a pile of receipts.

Deli's are fun to drive, worthwhile owning and flexible for our needs. But know what it is you're buying, they need a little TLC and have issues. If you can accept them as they are, they make great driving buddies.

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Sincerely Considering a 1997 Chamonix, 260+k

Post by Sylquebec » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:58 pm

too much mileage in my opinion. where are you from.and what is the asking price.

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