No Click for Glow Plugs

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No Click for Glow Plugs

Postby Shaun Van Ramen » Tue Jan 02, 2018 4:46 pm

A month ago I ran into the dreaded "No Click" with my glow plugs. After reading numerous threads regarding G.P. issues I started trouble shooting. I replaced my G.P.'s as they had some big miles on them, replaced the relays as well. Nothing! Boiled it down to temp sensor or ECU.

I sent to ECU to Daniel (W1ng elec.) in Victoria - Problem solved. I know a lot pf people prefer the "bypass / manual GP" solution but I preferred to have my van operating the normal way as I'm not the only one who drives it.

I originally added my woes to this thread, and quoted Daniel on a common L300 ECU problem:

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