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A request from your humble admins. Please read.

Post by Growlerbearnz »

Just a couple of reminders/requests which will get you better results for your technical queries:

-Please try to post technical queries in the appropriate forum for your vehicle. L300/StarWagons in the L300 forums, L400/Spacegear in the L400 forums. Not everyone reads every forum, and you might be missing advice from someone who can help. Admins try to move posts to the best forum, but sometimes things slip past us.

-Please try to make your topic Subject descriptive. "Help" isn't going to attract the attention of people who know the solution to your problem. "Brake calliper seized on- help finding replacement in Portland" is going to work far better.

-Fill out the "vehicle" and "location" sections of your profile. It really does help. It's frustrating to buy parts that don't fit simply because someone misunderstood which vehicle they were talking about, or get advice for buying parts in BC when you live in Ontario. It's also frustrating to *give* advice for the wrong vehicle, and frustrated people don't tend to help as much as they could.

Sorry for repeating what you read in the Welcome post when you joined (http://www.delica.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9778), but the occasional reminder doesn't hurt.

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