ICBC insurance coverage

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ICBC insurance coverage

Post by Avittery » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:38 pm

I'm trying to get a sense of how ICBC handles delica's in the event of an accident, or even a minor fender bender. When I initially transferred insurance from old owner, they didn't have a gold book value on my L400 so they took my word for the price I paid .

Is it true they tend to writeoff delica's more often than domestic vehicles since body parts are difficult to find and body shops don't want to work on them?

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ICBC insurance coverage

Post by JoeMag » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:25 pm

I think it is true indeed, but they also give quite a bit of money for them. We have customers here that just rolled their 1994 chamonix with something like 250000km on it and they received around 10g.

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ICBC insurance coverage

Post by Thomasdontgiveacrap » Mon May 01, 2017 10:43 am

Hello guys, I have similar problem. Just got rear ended on the intersection [classic].
Damage to other vehicle [Outback] whole plastic part of the front is gone :] up to radiator and fan
Damage to my vehicle [99 Chamonix 96k] Damage to ''bull bar", bumper, spare wheel attachement, rear gate [door] won't close properly anymore, struts won't hold weight of gate anymore, either gate or frame got shifted, central lock doesn't work anymore. Possible damage to exhaust system [noisy] and transmission [low gear shifting is far from smooth].
I just spend nearly 4k on fixing major leaks.... obviously I'm not happy with this.
Have contacted my insurance company and waiting for call from them.
I'd appreciate your experiences.
THX Tomas

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ICBC insurance coverage

Post by huenink » Mon May 01, 2017 1:29 pm

Someone hit my front right corner a few weeks back, broke the headlight and side indicator. Also severely dented the front corner panel, bumper, and driver's door all of which need to be replaced. The part of the A-Pillar where the drivers door hinge attaches to the body was also pushed in, so the A-Pillar will need to be pulled out and realigned which is a crazy amount of work from what independent body shops told me. The bull bar is bent in a little but can probably just be pulled back out square without much problem.

Had to take it in to ICBC for an assessment as it was still drive able, but the drivers door doesn't close properly. After a week or so they said they assessed the vehicle value at 9K or so and repairs at 6k as far as i remember so it'll be getting repaired next week. No at fault and other party claimed responsibility so its just more of a hassle than anything.

Van is a 92 with 320k on it. I'm pretty amazed they're going ahead with the repair actually.

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ICBC insurance coverage

Post by dr_airtime » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:54 am

Anyone have any opinions on if ICBC will write this off if the frame and bar/light mounts are irreparable? Huenink I will PM you. Rising Sun suggested i used B&M collision in Burnaby who knows Delicas.

Also - see my post to follow as I'll likely have some unique L300 modifications up for grab including custom flooring, folding 400 seats-to-L300 conversion, curtains, floormats. Want these to go into another L300 and won't be sending them to ICBC.

I was in a 100% not-at-fault accident yesterday and sounds like I have similar damage to you, but a bit more severe. Key think is the floor under the pedals is bent - probably from the front rock guard being bent, and the frame is likely bent as my door was forced closed.

Also the bush bar is bent beyond repair, front rock guard mounts likely bent, Front light mounts bent, and no less than 3 panels damaged.
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