Appraiser for ICBC Accelerated Depreciation Claims

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Appraiser for ICBC Accelerated Depreciation Claims

Post by dr_airtime » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:23 am

Can anyone reccomend an appraiser that is experienced with Delica Accelerated Depreciation ("AD") Claims for ICBC?

(This is 3rd not-at-fault Delica accident in 18 months so I don't need ICBC advice on anything else, please keep thread specific to AD. #vancouverdriversaretheworst. I know exactly how to negotiate with ICBC for both a) damage and b) medical claims)

Bascically, if ICBC repairs your vehicle, the court accepts AD claims which is essentially the lost resale value of your van because it has been in an accident. You are legally obligated to inform a buyer of any accidents w repairs over $2000.

The BC Provincial Court requires a third party appraisal report or they will dismiss the case. If you have a report, you will get the attention of your ICBC contact and have leverage as ICBC wants to avoid Provincial Court of course.

Here is some information if you are interested. If you are legally savvy, I couldn't find the link again but there is basically case law where a judge dismissed a self-represented claimant claiming AD because he didn't have a third party appraisal report of the AD and couldn't meet the 'burden of proof'.

Basically - post your recommended appraisers here! I'll report back on a few I will reach out to over the next week. ... mage-crash ... on-claims/

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Appraiser for ICBC Accelerated Depreciation Claims

Post by JMK » Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:09 pm

I'm in Alberta, and have 3 vehicles from Japan, 2 of which are very low mileage Left Hand Drive and worth well over their book value. Living in a tourist mecca, all are at high risk for no-fault incidents from the thousands of rental cars with operators of questionable driving skills that prevail on our local crowded streets.

I was advised to have them all appraised as soon as insuring them, but found the cost which would amount to something like $1,200 prohibitive, especially if they are only going to be valid for a year. This makes me wonder if this 'AD' procedure would also work ex-ICBC.

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