whiny noise/failed AC belt tensioner/idler pulley

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whiny noise/failed AC belt tensioner/idler pulley

Post by spaceguy » Tue May 29, 2018 10:36 pm

Happy to give something useful back to this site that has proven helpful to me in the past :)
Developed a whining, almost gear like noise from the front of my 2nd gen L400 diesel. It was very obvious and was rpm related with a zzzZZZZZzzzZzz
quality to it. Took a while to pinpoint it, suspected it my be trans or timing chain related, finally upon startup it became your standard squealing belt noise, which upon popping the hood it was easy to see the tensioner pulley for the AC compressor was no longer turning. Voila! the culprit revealed!
Pulled the 14mm pulley bolt and there was the pulley and it's very replaceable and oh so common 6203 2rs bearing. These can be had almost anywhere for $5 to $10. I was quoted $165 plus tax for a new pulley from somewhere amazing ;)... but I hope you'll agree that for a $5.00 bearing and 5 minutes to press old one out and new one in that would be my chosen alternative. Note, this job made easiest by lifting (no need to disconnect) the intercooler up out of the way, disconnect top rad hose and slip out the plastic fan shroud off back side of rad.


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