Yearly trip BC to Manitoba

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Yearly trip BC to Manitoba

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This will be the 4th year I've taken Trusty Rusty from BC to Manitoba. The trip usually averages around 4500km. This year it will be about 5300km. Normally its through the rockies to Canmore to North Battleford - Saskatoon - Prince Albert to my final destination in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

This year I decided on going south first following the #1 highway all the way to Brandon, MB. I really enjoyed this divided highway and would recommend anyone doing a cross Canada or 1/2 Canada to drive this highway.

The only other Delica I saw was in Canmore, Alberta. Thanks for the wave! It was crazy cold that September morning with frost on my windows and an extremely smoky hard start. :shock:

Luckily the lower temperatures subsided and the hard starts have become easier. I definitely need that new temperature sensor and check the glow plugs when I get back to Vancouver. I'm not pulling any glowplugs with risk of breaking something in northern Manitoba.

Had a scare a few days ago with a bad oil leak. It turned out to be where the dipstick enters the engine block. I've sealed it with some Permatex and it seems to be holding! Phew thats a relief. The last thing I want to do is leave my van here and bus back to Vancouver. But that did go through my mind...

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