What a hoot!

4x4 trips to Mexico, to the ski hill, or to the local grocery store...

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What a hoot!

Post by ThumpinA2Z »

Well been doing a little playing with my new toy in last few week and I'm loving it! So much so I'm thinking about another nicer one and keep this for rough play.
20151012_184917 (800x450).jpg
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Re: What a hoot!

Post by Growlerbearnz »

That looks like a fun day out! Followed by a not-so-fun day of washing mud out of the air conditioning condenser. I have no idea why Mitsubishi thought that would be a good place to put that.
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Re: What a hoot!

Post by Big-Bird »

Trails in a deli are fun...Mud in a Deli..not so much.

I wonder if Mitsu engineers thought the Delica's would be worthy of off-road adventures? The Pajero isn't plagued with these kind of engineering flaws.

I took my L400 off-road twice. I regretted the second trip, bent the passenger side steps and front fender within 10 mins. I never did that in my solid Axled Xterra (Like a Navarro Growler but the SUV platform version).
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