Trip 11 to Mexico

4x4 trips to Mexico, to the ski hill, or to the local grocery store...

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Trip 11 to Mexico

Post by nootkase » Fri Dec 14, 2018 9:23 am

In CA now. Arizona on the 18th, then cross at Sonoyta and run down to Guaymas (San Carlos). Just a few comments on last year's trip. Day one was not good. They had changed the visa and car permit locations without telling anyone, or providing signage, so we lost a day. Then the car wouldn't start. Dead battery, dead alternator, middle of nowhere. Got a jump, and took off south with 11.7 volts. Left the car running while buying a Telcel SIM card, then headed south of Hermosillo. Shut off AC, radio, headlights, GPS, fridge. Tense day, because I had no idea how long a Deli will run on a dying battery. Rule #1 - Never drive after dark in Mexico. We made it to our friend's house in San Carlos, just at sunset, with 10.7 volts showing!

Took a few days off to rest and regroup. Boater's network located a filthy little shop in Guaymas. Not much to look at, but it was clear they had seen the insides of 1,000's of alternators. One day later, it was rebuilt, bearings and regulator, under $50, and it is still going strong, so it has outlasted the Canadian rebuild.

One other interesting Deli event. We were heading to the coral reef at Tenacatita for some snorkeling, and there was this loud POP and HISS. Thought I blew a tire, but the car handled fine, and I couldn't find anything wrong. Got back on Hwy 200, and when I put my foot down, at happened again! As long as I drove easy, it was OK, so we went ahead with our outing, and I dealt with it the next day. Turned out to be the turbo relief valve at the back of the intake manifold, right at the firewall. The waste gate link had seized, so that when I floored it, the turbo over-boosted, causing the safety valve to pop. Quite harmless, but alarming.

By bending the heat-shield a little, I was able to push hard on the link with a stick, while applying WD-40, and got it working again. No problem since, but I wish I knew what I could put on the linkage, to prevent a recurrence. It gets really hot.
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