2000 L 400 Turn signal stuck on

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2000 L 400 Turn signal stuck on

Post by birving » Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:01 am

Hi Everyone New to the forum, hope i'm posting in the appropriate topic.

I've recently bought an L400 and took it for a wicked 8000 km road trip through the Yukon and Alaska.

After the first few days of driving we experienced our left turn signal being stuck on (constantly illuminated, even with the van off, The dashboard indicator also on). We disconnected the battery went fishing, and upon our return it was off with hooking the battery backup.

Throughout the trip we had this problem happen multiple times, nothing in particular seemed to trigger it. Could happen midriving or with turning the van on. Just as random the problem would resolve.

In addition to the left turn signal being stuck on the defrost light switch on the dash for the heated windshield would be illuminated. I did have the windshield replaced prior to my trip with a non- heated type. I'm unsure if this problem was created by the auto glass installers upon removal of my original glass. Also a few times with the turn signal stuck on I had my left side daytime running light on, this happened only a handful of times.

I recently had the van down in Richmond BC and had my turn signal switch on the steering column switched out which was not the problem.

This problem comes and goes for me, I tried changing the relay switch for the turn signals under the steering wheel with no luck. I'm wondering if this could be some bad wiring ( maybe a grounding issue?) under the hood it appears the left side has under gone some aftermarket re-wiring with some cheap connectors and splicing of wires.

I'm no automotive electrician and kinda lost as to where to start to diagnose this issue, trying to avoid a steep bill taking this to a shop where i live in northern BC where no one is familiar with delicas.

Any insight or tips where to start or what to try is greatly appreciated.


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