Boost guage install help

Mitsubishi Delica L400 production commenced in 1994 -- After much anticipation, the L400 arrived on Canadian Soil in 2009!
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Boost guage install help

Post by mdevelden » Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:58 am

Good morning everybody,
So I spent Sunday morning coffee time browsing the net in search of a how-to for a boost gauge installation for my delica (Vera is a 1999 PE8W Chamonix.) Having what I figured was the right info and pictures I got to it but in short order found what I had found lacking. Go home, couple beers and more reading between the main three delica sites and a couple pajero sites I still cannot find the tubing between the turbo and the intake manifold. I have seen some install the "T" between the turbo and the wastegate actuator but read in a few other spots that while easy access it is not the best place to put it.

Question number two part of the reason I am looking into a boost gauge install. Where is the switch to turn on my intercooler fan and when should it turn on? I have never heard it turn on and even after I stop after running her hard, when i pop the hood with the vehicle running the fan is not on. Trouble shooting so far:
1. 12v directly to the fan and it works
2. Check fuse, OK
3. Test relay in the fuesbox, OK
4. Short the C and N/O terminals in the fuse box and the fan turns on


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Boost guage install help

Post by saltypeanuts » Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:11 pm

Here's how I did mine - near the back of the intake manifold, there's an orange bit threaded in which acts as a "filter". From there, a rubber hose goes to the overpressure sensor. If you're facing the car, the overpressure sensor is bolted to the top left corner of the intercooler, you probably had to remove it to take out your IC. I put a T in this hose and my boost gauge is fully functional. Be careful if you pull the hose off of the "filter", it's made of plastic and can be brittle.

I'll try and take a picture for you next time I pop the hood.

As for the intercooler fan I think it only comes on when the car is very hot.

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