Differences between S1 and S2 4M40

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Differences between S1 and S2 4M40

Post by Krazyistkarl » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:41 pm

I used to own a 96 4m40 with and did the "more power hour" and loved it.

I'm looking at possibly picking up a 1998 S2 diesel, I know the S2 is electronically controlled, but I don't know much about them. I know the mechanical injection is regarded as being more reliable, but do the S2 have any known problems?

What would I need to be able to read CEL/DTC's

Is there anyone Canada side that tunes the ECUs? Or are there any cheap mods like the "resistor mod" some diesels respond well to?

Are the turbos the same as S1's or are they also electronically controlled?


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Differences between S1 and S2 4M40

Post by saltypeanuts » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:08 pm

I've got a S2 and I've been doing a little research on it. From what I see, injection pump rebuilds are more difficult and expensive on the S2. So far I haven't had any luck reading CEL/DTC data. I've tried a few expensive scan tools (snapon, etc). Apparently the "Evoscan" cable may work, and I'm going to try a Chinese scan tool from eBay which supposedly works with Pajeros.

There's some talk of a resistor which controls some fuel enrichment on the pump. Check out http://www.delicaclub.com/viewtopic.php ... rf#p363361 that link. When I have some time I'm going to poke around the harness with a multimeter and see if there's any signals which could be intercepted as well.

The turbo is just a regular turbo with a mechanical wastegate. I believe the overboost sensor is electronic, but the turbo itself isn't electronically controlled.

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