M440 Dash vent jammed closed...

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M440 Dash vent jammed closed...

Post by Drumster » Fri Aug 18, 2017 10:03 am

Can someone help me find directions for driver console/dash removal? I'm sure there's something in the archives but 45 minutes of searching, although interesting, got me nowhere.

The air vent directly to left of tach has jammed closed; the rotary open/close thingamajigger isn't open/closing. Not sure if it's the inner vent gate itself that's jammed or the rotary opener/closer.

But I thought if I could remove the smallest section of dash needed to access the opening of duct I could maybe un-jam the gate or at least see if there's something wrong with the actuator. I've pulled the two toggle switches directly below vent out but that didn't help much and I wasn't able to pull the swiveling vent/grill out either.

So, I need access to the duct without ripping out any more stuff than necessary.

Is there a "how-to" directions somewhere on site?

I'm here to learn.

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