Injector pumps...what's involved ???

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Injector pumps...what's involved ???

Postby archieim » Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:00 pm

Hey guys I have 94 Delica with 191,000 Kms on it. I just purchased in the last 2 months. Not knowing to much about them mechanically but I'm learning.
Anywho... I live 3500 ft above sea level in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. These things are made and tuned at sea level most of their lives. Then they are shipped to Canada and hit the west coast. Again at sea level. I'm sure all you U.K. Guys are at sea level too.
Here in Calgary the altitude can strip your turbos at a loss of 15-20% therefore effecting their performance. I've been driving it for the last 5 weeks. It feels to me that the van is lagging and not opening up like I think it should. It's raised the question what can I do to find out if I'm right.
After being referred to 4 different mechanics, I think I finally found a guy that is willing and does know a thing or two about these Diesel Vans. I talked to the shop foreman about my concerns.
He's agrees and knows a couple tunes and adjustments he can do to make it better.
The possibility of a new or rebuilt injector pump may also be in the cards. He said its common and does happen given the age of the van. But it could be an expensive route.
My question is; has anybody else had this happen with their van? And if so what are the steps or noticeable signs that it's time to replace it?

Thanks in advance.

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