Thermometer/ outside temperature.

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Thermometer/ outside temperature.

Postby Thomasdontgiveacrap » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:11 pm

My thermometer for outside temperature works great as long as I'm driving. Slowly rising as soon as I stop and keep idling. It keeps rising up to whatever temperature. Highest I have seen was about +20 and it was just about freezing outside.
I assume so sensor is affected by heat from engine. Anybody know where sensor is located or anybody with same problem? Engine itself doesn't overheat. At least coolant temperature doesn't go over middle.
I'm not sure if outside thermometer comes in stock Chamonix or if it's aftermarket.
My has Gyroscope, outside thermometer and battery voltage. Also seen some other styles with compass and etc.
Thx. Tomas

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