Front blower resistors for fan speed

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Front blower resistors for fan speed

Post by TrickyNicky » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:43 am

The previous owner bypassed the blower resistor pack and I would like to get my fan speeds back. The resistor pack is below/behind the glove box. It is a black 3cmx10cm rectangle held in by two screws. There is a single electrical clip with 4 wires coming out of it. I need to know what wire goes where as the previous owner cut the clip off and bypassed it. My wire colours are 2 thick black and 2 thin blue. One of each with a stripe.

This favour should not require any dis-assembly of the van. Just look below your glove box and snap a pic of the wire colours.

If someone wants to be extra helpful could you check the resistance between the pins on the resistor bank itself?

Thanks in advance.
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