Thank you to Rising Sun Auto

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Thank you to Rising Sun Auto

Postby Jungenskaten » Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:54 pm


A few weeks ago, I purchased a 1996 Delica L400 Spacegear from RSI... Steven answered all of my questions and concerns with buying a not so rare RHD import vehicle that is 20 years old! I had a few hiccups in the first two weeks (squeaky fan belt, and leaky brake calliper), but Steven responded immediately, and they fixed my small issues within an hour of bringing it in... Even replacing the broken calliper without charge! As a customer, I had anxiety about going back so soon and getting charged or delayed, but from my experience, RSI is dealing in good faith, knowing I will need a reliable shop for future maintenance. I've even referred family to RSI because they want to kick tires on buying a Delica!

Cheers, Mike

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