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Rising Sun Auto Import

Post by mgrady437 » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:46 pm

My pickup truck was dying and I needed a new set of wheels. After some thinking and research it became clear that a Delica was the way to go. I did an exhaustive amount of research on several lower mainland dealers. Over the internet, on the phone, in person, even going as far as to stop Delica drivers in the street to chat about their vehicle and if they had any experience with the dealers I was checking out. Everything that I found lead me to believe that Rising Sun should be my first choice.
I was not wrong. I ended up buying a 94 Space Gear from Steven and it has been great. A very solid vehicle in excellent condition.
You will find that his prices are higher than other dealers. However you will also find that no other dealer services their vehicles as thoroughly. All work is performed by professional on-site mechanic David, who's resume includes formal import auto manufacturer training. The extensive service program coupled with outstanding mechanical work would be be a winning combination in and of itself. But that would be saying nothing of the customer service at Rising Sun.
In my dealings with Steven I have found him to be honest, up front and straight forward. When I purchased a vehicle from Rising Sun I did not just drive away with a great van, but a great relationship with a dealer who really knows his stuff. Since I bought my Delica I have had many questions about it, some big and some small. Without fail Steven has answered every one of them almost instantly, any day of the week. It seems like he never stops working. On the rare occasion that I have taken the van back to his shop, he had it repaired the next day on warranty. When I need parts (and he has all of them), all it takes is a quick email and a click on Paypal and the part is in the mail that day. Many people I spoke with had had the same experience buying parts.
Needless to say, buying a vehicle is pretty serious business and you should do all of your own homework. But Rising Sun is a great place to start. You may not have to look further.
I would 100% recommend Rising Sun Auto Import.

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Re: Rising Sun Auto Import

Post by TRUTHautomotive » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:20 pm

I agree.
Rising Sun has been an excellent source for parts!
TRUTH Automotive Services
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Re: Rising Sun Auto Import

Post by Jungenskaten » Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:48 pm

I agree! I think I know which van you bought.. Green L400? I think it is tough for some people to fathom paying top dollar for a refurbished van, but buying a vehicle that is physically 20 years old, means a lot of part replacement will be needed even though Delicas usually have low kms.. I also had a good experience with Steven at RSI..

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