Seized AC Compressor

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Seized AC Compressor

Post by philmeup1 » Sun Mar 31, 2019 2:51 pm

Hello folks,

Not even sure why I'm thinking about this as we just got a massive dumping of snow here in Southern Ontario last night. I think we're a long way off from spring and summer, but I find being hopeful helps. And with that I'm thinking summer and warm weather:)

Last fall I had to cut the belt off the AC Compressor off because of a terrible squealing sound coming from the engine. I started a post from that incident, however my mechanic friend has shed some new light on all of this. The first thing he pointed out to me was the the compressor itself still turns, it's the actual pulley that's seized. The other thing I just assumed is that my van (1993 Super Exceed L300) had the old refrigerant in it. He pointed to a rather large sticker that's written in part Japanese that clearly shows R134A.

So I have a few questions here. Did our vans originally come with the newer refrigerant as the sticker suggests? And is it possible to fix the seized pulley on the compressor without dismantling the Compressor and the AC system? Before the pulley seized the AC worked exceptionally well. And the Cool Box actually helped to keep things cool, which I think is well.... pretty cool 8-)

The Advice is always appreciated. I'm really looking forward to summer weather and long road trips.

Thanks in advance.


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