Glow plugs won’t click off and won’t crank.

Does your Mitsubishi L300 make a strange noise? Need wheel alignment specs?
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Glow plugs won’t click off and won’t crank.

Post by Mr.SA » Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:01 am

I’ve been having this problem off and on since I’ve owned my delica. Wondering if the cold is making the symptoms worse since it hasn’t happened once over the summer.

I’ll turn the key till I hear the usual 1st click, wait for the second click, and it never happens. Then if I turn the key all the way to crank it, nothing happens, interior lights and everything have power.

Then typically if I just try a lot, or jiggle the wire mess for then dual batteries around, it’ll eventually start like normal.

It’s aleays the two happening together. I haven’t had the glow plugs click on and off and have it not start, it’s only when the glow plugs don’t click off, that it won’t crank over.

Any ideas? I’ve had my shop take a look at it multiple times, they’ve cleaned connections and checked grounds and couldn’t find anything else. Since it only happens maybe 1 in 20 starts it’s hard to have a shop actually resolve it. Cause it’ll just start right up most the time

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Glow plugs won’t click off and won’t crank.

Post by Growlerbearnz » Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:26 pm

That the starter doesn't turn whenever the glow plugs don't operate suggests it's the big connector in the battery compartment, usually tucked up high, you're looking for black with red stripe wires.

Regardless of what the glow system is doing, the starter should always turn- the glow system can't disable the starter, but it does draw its power from the same circuit. (The starter interlock on an automatic can disable the starter, but it doesn't stop the glow plugs from working).

Malfunctioning glow plugs *without* starter failure could be the ECU (leaking capacitor and corroded traces), failing glow plug(s), engine temperature sensor, or sticky glow solenoids.
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Glow plugs won’t click off and won’t crank.

Post by sk66 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:48 pm

Is there anything else coincidental, like a longer time since last started? AFAIK there is nothing in common between the systems other than battery, so I would start with main battery connections/fusible link, especially since messing with the "wire mess" seems to fix it sometimes... but I would expect the shop to have done the same.
The only other thing I can think of other than that would be some kind of weird internal battery fault... if it's an old/original battery then you're probably better off replacing it anyway.
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Glow plugs won’t click off and won’t crank.

Post by ChuckBlack » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:15 am

Growy is right, although I ran into this problem last year, key on click then... 6 sec second click then... went to start nothing happens... :-(
Did my due diligence and checked the starting circuit and all was good... :shock: whell poop... turned out that my anti-theft system was the problem...
After some research into it, it is possible that anti-theft system can unable the owner to start their own car too. So my suggestion is check if you have a set like that.
I've also see a key switch failure but that doesn't sound like its your problem.
Possible help to resolve your problems:
You could jump your key switch and starter solenoid and try to isolate your problem.
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