L300 AC Condenser

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L300 AC Condenser

Post by ACKO15 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 2:08 pm

Hi folks,

A while back, I picked up a used front condenser (the large one forward of passenger side wheel), and replaced the old busted one.

When I had the system pressure tested with nitrogen, we found a huge leak at the aft end connection. It appears that the aluminum tube nut had been damaged when I disassembled the old condenser. I am now in search of the aluminum tube running to the next connection toward the radiator, but this seems to be a hard thing to track down.

Would anybody know the size/make of the aluminum o-ring fittings used on this refrigerant line?
I'm looking into having a short hose or tube made up to replace the damaged section, but would like to order fittings to also keep on hand.

Might be just a shot in the dark, but here's hoping :)

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