Rear driveshaft (Automatic).

Does your Mitsubishi L300 make a strange noise? Need wheel alignment specs?
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Rear driveshaft (Automatic).

Postby Growlerbearnz » Thu Oct 19, 2017 12:15 am

Automatic L300s have a splined section in the rear driveshaft that lets the driveshaft change length.

Here's a tip: if the back half of the driveshaft falls out, take care when reattaching it that the universal joints are aligned. If you reinstall it one spline out it'll look ok, and you might not feel the vibration, but the vibration will cause the splined section to spit all its grease out, and then it'll make an utterly terrifying noise when coasting.

The yokes at each end should align like this:
correct-and-incorrect-phasing-diagram.jpg (134.02 KiB) Viewed 659 times

If you've recently rebuilt your rear differential, or installed a new engine, or had your gearbox rebuilt this noise might cause you some anxiety, and maybe a day or two of crawling under the van checking everything.

Everything except the rear driveshaft, that is.

Nothing says "poor workmanship" more than wrinkles in the duct tape.

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