Cool Box Working Intermittenly

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Cool Box Working Intermittenly

Postby philmeup1 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:58 pm

Hello Folks,

Just a quick question bout the Cool Box on my L300. It only seems to work intermittently as every now and then it blasts cold air inside the thing. My AC works perfectly inside the van and keeps passengers pretty cool on those hot days. I know that these two systems are tied together, so I'm a but stumped as to why the fridge is not getting cold air coming through it all the time. The drinks don't seem to get that cold, but maybe this is just the way it is??

I'm mechanically declined, so any thoughts are appreciated. It's in my unprofessional opinion that spring is on it's way over the next several months. I want to be sure I'm ready with ice cold beverages of a sociable nature 8-)

Cheers, Phil

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