Cylinder Head Reccomendations

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Cylinder Head Reccomendations

Post by 5400ARS »


Just pulled the head off and confirmed that my head is cracked.

I've started the search for a replacement head but thought I'd tap the hive-mind for wisdom....

My L300 4d56T needs a fair bit of work, its going to be a project for a long time, which is good, thats kind of why I bought it.

My basic game plan is to get it in running condition, to get me through the next year, perhaps 2, while I pick away at Body, Paint, Suspension upgrades and repairs. If all goes according to plan and I'm still enjoying her at the end of the Rehab, then drop in a new Engine.

I'm not opposed to putting a used head on it, but its not my first pick. I'm in Victoria, BC.. if you're on the island or the lower mainland with a good used head, lets chat.

That being said, I'm seeing a huge range of pricing on new heads, from 400 bucks on eBay to 1300.00 from CCA.

I'd love to buy a 400 dollar unit, but I'm very skeptical...

I plan on reaching out to Rising Sun this week for a quote, but I know they tend to stick to OEM, so I suspect I already have a good idea of what that quote will look like. If you've had any good experiences or recommends for the eBay specials, please let me know!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Cylinder Head Reccomendations

Post by sealica »

If the rest of your head (camshaft, rocker, etc.) are good I had great success with FAI BCH044 (keep in mind this is for 1992< protruding valve head, you need a different part number for recessed valve, but check the "FAI" catalog) which you can find on

Mine was delivered from UK for $300-400 CAD all in. I went the extra step to have a machine shop check it over and install all my bits (camshaft, rockers, new aftermarket valves). My valves were re-usable, but machine shop advised replacing for the minor additional cost. I used Alpinecords in langford, they did advise me to make a slight machining modification to the head for ~$100 extra to basically match the valve protrusion to my old one. Whether this was necessary I don't know, but I'm 1 yr ~6,000km with no issues.

Magengines from UAE is another source for L300 heads that are more budget friendly than rising sun. Get the part # for your cylinder head (via using your frame number) and you can search magengines for that. I still went with the FAI part above simply because I had a good feeling about the brand, but do your own research. Rising Sun is certainly a good option, but if your camshaft, rocker, etc are OK you can save some money by re-using those parts which isn't possible with an "OEM" Hyundai head, or at least it's not possible to source it from Rising Sun minus those parts ("bare head") last I checked.

I'd highly recommend spending some of the savings have a machine shop check it over when purchasing an ebay/aftermarket head, but there's a good chance you could make a refund claim via ebay if the head had serious issues, or the machine shop can say "hey this is usable, but we should do this thing to make it better ...". You can also check over the camshaft, rocker, etc yourself before deciding, because if you need a complete head rising sun it probably a good option.

I'm not an expert, but this worked for me.
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