Running on Clean Oil

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Running on Clean Oil

Post by Ralph in Winnipeg » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:50 pm

I started this thread to share information. I welcome any shared experiences and words of caution. I had intended to get into WMO since there is an unlimited supply of free WMO and I could run it in one tank since I'm parking the diesel for the winter. BUT since I haul garbage and do moving and rental clean outs and some scavenging, I have been finding quite a bit of free clean oil. No use filtering oil if I get half a jug of 10w30 that is new for free. I have noticed no difference in running up to 3 or 4 gallons of miscellaneous oils in a full tank. I happened to acquire about 200 liters of engine oil for almost nothing and mixed it 50/50 with some furnace/heating oil I had gotten a while back. I have now noticed a change in how the truck runs. A bit of blue smoke on start up, more rattling until warm and idles about 50-100 rpm lower and smells like burning oil - surprise. Otherwise, the same as usual. Anyone thinking the low idle is bad or a sign that I'm overly stressing the fuel pump? I've run about 200 liters of this concoction and probably wouldn't go 50/50 again. Maybe 40/60.......

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