L400 About a swivel front passenger seat...

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L400 About a swivel front passenger seat...

Postby delipierre » Tue Sep 04, 2018 5:40 pm

Hi Guys! I am new to the Delica world. I just bought a 98 Chamonix L400 and I am looking at options to camperize it, One of those is the addition of a swivel to the front seat. Until recently I thought this was going to be fairly straightforward, just add a turntable anf its's done. Now after a couple of weeks of researching, I see this is not going to be that easy. My questions are Is there a T4 that is working for the Delica and which one or are there other options like adapting a different captain's chair that would work? (I just found a used Chevy swivel chair at the scrap is it worth trying?)
Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Pierre

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