Pajero owner in Vancouver!

New to Delica Canada? Please introduce yourself and your van!
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Pajero owner in Vancouver!

Post by mordax »

Hey guys!

I've been lurking on this site for awhile now, but I thought I'd formally introduce myself. Name's Garrett and I've been the proud owner of a 93 2.8l Pajero LWB since in February. Not a Deli but I hope that's OK!

I call him Huck. Say hello Huck.

Pretty excited to join the RHD Mitsubishi world! It's been fun learning more and more about diesel engine and such. This website seem to be a great resource of info!

I'm working through some maintenance and fix'r up'r type stuff before winter. The long term plan is to build a camper set-up, so if anyone has examples/info on Pajero camper stuff, I'd be greatly appreciative! Thanks guys!
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Re: Pajero owner in Vancouver!

Post by islander20 »

Nice ride, always wanted a Pajero...but then I got a delica. Check out BC RHD 4WD on Facebook, lot of Deli and Paj guys on there. Lots of cool camper conversions the site here. Might be easier to just tow a trailer, should be able to pull quite a bit with that rig!
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Re: Pajero owner in Vancouver!

Post by FalcoColumbarius »

Welcome to Delica Canada, Garrett :M
We have a Pajero section on this site, you're cool 8-) .

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