DriveTime commercials: 2WD Delica on TV

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DriveTime commercials: 2WD Delica on TV

Post by DR1665 »

You guys might have already seen this, but I don't have TV at home and only caught a glimpse on the telly at work moments ago. Thought it was neat to see a Delica, even if a "lesser" version.

This is the one I saw: Curbed by Credit

Looked up just in time to catch this van pulling into a dealership. By the time I did a doubletake, I missed it, and was off to the Youtubes...
drivetime_1.2.jpg (265.19 KiB) Viewed 3385 times
drivetime_2.2.jpg (303.52 KiB) Viewed 3385 times
Then I noticed they had another: Next Stop Freedom

It ends the same, pulling into the dealership, but there's a quick front end shot.
drivetime_3.2.jpg (286.38 KiB) Viewed 3385 times
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Re: DriveTime commercials: 2WD Delica on TV

Post by dvandoormaal »

US Market Mitsubishi L300. Not that common but have seen them in Washington.
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