Need wiring tips for keyless remote L300

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Need wiring tips for keyless remote L300

Post by Delicatessan » Sun Dec 02, 2018 7:17 pm

Okay. I have the door panel off. But now that I have the door off, I’m trying to figuring out the wiring part of the job.

I bought a kit with 4 actuators. Obviously I don’t need that. In fact, I only need one. I’m not going to wire the rear hatch on this thing. And I don’t really care about the lights flashing or horn honking when I lock/unlock.

All I want to do is hook the sensor and acurator into the driver’s side door electrical. When I push the remote, it locks/unlocks the drivers door, which then will lock/unlock the passenger and slider. That’s what I am trying to accomplish.

Any wiring tips?


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