Questions for a newbie Delica L300 with hopes of Campervan mods

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Questions for a newbie Delica L300 with hopes of Campervan mods

Postby Trewdat » Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:28 pm

Hi. I Just bought an automatic diesel 1999 Delica L300 GLX Exceed with a low roof. Bought an original roof tray that's getting put on tomorrow and I'm expecting to get a ladder in the next while. Would love some suggestions to optimize this beast as light camper van (I'm not wanting to permanently alter the inside, install plumbing, etc.). I take short road trips to surf, rock climb, snowboard from a few days to a week, maybe two. I'm hoping to get a heads up display and already have a back up cam.

1) What are some basics of owning a diesel vehicle? I've never owned one and am unsure if there's any simple things I need to be aware of in order not to mess up the engine.

2) What's the best sleeping option? I'm thinking I'd like to check out a pop up tent that I can just strap to the rack/tray system I have. Suggestions? I really like the Adventure Kings Kwiky Pop Up Tent but I don't know where to get them in North America.

3) Where can I find replacement weather stripping and window seals?

4) I am utterly inexperienced at doing my own mods (installing a heads up display unit in my Mazda 3 was advance for me), but any reasonable small mods that will make this guy all the better for camping/road trips?

Any and all other suggestions are welcome!


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