Solution for sagging rear view mirror

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Solution for sagging rear view mirror

Post by T2Small » Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:20 pm

My L400 S2 rear view mirror would say down in the heat making for annoying driving in the summer.

The solution is to find a Gentex mirror on EBay with compass and temperature display and replace the whole thing. Simple and I wish I would have done it a year ago.

The factory mirror hangs from the ceiling attached with three screws. I tried another Mitsubishi mirror but it uses a slightly different mount so I ended up doing the following:

1) Acquire Gentex mirror on EBay with the compass and temperature sensor included
2) find a matching metal "button" to mount the mirror to the windshield from a local auto glass shop
3) Watch the mounting type and a arm from the EBay Gentex mirror. If it doesnt windshield mount you can use another wrecker mirror and pop off the ball and socket joint and swap arms. I had to do this and used a mirror from a sunroof equipped 2G Talon / Eclipse. Swapping arms does take a lot of force and some finesse to not destroy them.
4) Purchase a Permatex rear view mirror repair kit from your local auto parts store and follow the directions on how to glue the metal button to you windshield glass.

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