Mounting into ceiling

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Mounting into ceiling

Post by ilikemax » Sun Jul 24, 2016 1:57 pm

I'm looking at options for a simple curtain install on my L400 (current velcro setup is not amazing).

I'm considering a few options:
1) Snap system > One side of the snap mounted into the ceiling, the other into the curtains.
2) Hook system > like the snaps, find small hooks that can be mounted into the ceiling and put grommets into the curtains for hanging off the hooks
3) Curtain rail > Some sort of wire-type rail system that I can pick up at Ikea or HomeDepot - like a picture line or clothes line.

I'm not sure what the ceiling material is or how thick it is so I'm a bit reluctant to drill into it. Can anyone offer direction? Can I easily screw into the ceiling? Is there anything I should consider before making that first hole?

If anyone has opinions on any of these options, please feel free to chime in.


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