The Engine: 4D56T; 4G7 & 4D5; 4G63 & 4G64

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The Engine: 4D56T; 4G7 & 4D5; 4G63 & 4G64

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4D56T Engine Manual
1991-1993 4D56 Full specifications and rebuild manual. Not so much on-vehicle service instructions, some sections are not quite right for earlier engines.

The 4D56T Engine Manual.

4G7 & 4D5 Engine Manuals
4D56 section suits earlier (1988-1991) engines. More useful on-vehicle service procedures. Originally for Pajero Sport, so some steps or component placement may differ on an L300.

The 4D5 & 4G7 Engine Manuals.

4G63 & 4G64 Engine Manuals <1993>

The 4G63 & 4G64 Engine Manual.

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