Definitive Guide to L300 or L400 stereo wiring!

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Definitive Guide to L300 or L400 stereo wiring!

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Just did perhaps the world's first L300-aftermarket stereo (not a Japan original) to L400 installation with success.

To do this I had to research the wiring for both L300s and L400s, since my old L300 stereo wires were not labelled.

Installation was 100% a success with no cross wires and my stero subsquently working terms of fade (left, right) and balance (front, back) with no mistakes (i.e. when you select left, it fades right).

Two pictures below and five links from all over the deli-globe.

First picture is a comparison I made of the four sources with the column that is correct for each of the L300 and L400 stock wiring.

Second picture is the L400 wiring which is 100% correct. I got this from Steven at Rising Sun but it's original source is the UK forum.

Enjoy. Sophpmore Delica owner giving back to forum for help over the years.

FYI - your North American aftermarket stereo will not fit the standard L300 or L400 stereo metal plates so you'll have to drill your own holes. To get your installation nice this is a process of "measuring 10 times and drilling once" to get it oriented correctly once you install the console too. It took me 3 hours to do this (that is just the hole drilling once wiring was dialed) and then re-install the console. Not-so-fun. ... 16b7d66aec

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