Fuel Pump L400 Deisel

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Fuel Pump L400 Deisel

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L400 Deisel 2001 needs fuel pump and calibration. She starts up fine and after 2 or 3 minutes starts chugging and blowing white smoke from the exhaust. That continues until the engine warms up to mid temperature - about 15 minutes - then runs fine. This happens whether parked inside or out. So, it's not due to the ambiant environmental temperature - it's due to engine temp. Glow plugs have been replaced. All diagnostics seem to indicate that the fuel pump is the problem. The TPS in the pump on this model is electronic and built into the pump. It needs to be calibrated to the engine for timing etc. Does anyone know of someone who can calibrate this unit. I'm told by Coombs Country Auto on Vancouver Island, the team at Heritage Napa Auto Pro in Calgary and Rising Sun in Vancouver that the only place to do this would be in Japan. Does anyone have any advice? Many thanks in advance!
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