Delica Farewell

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Shaun Van Ramen
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Delica Farewell

Post by Shaun Van Ramen »

After 13 years of ownership, we've said goodbye to our '91 L300 (Shawn Van Ramen). Lots of fun and great memories. We let go of it as we have moved and couldn't take it with us.
Yes, it came from Japan, but it is not worth taking it back there. And yes, we've moved to Japan.

We have replaced it though. I thought long and hard about a D5. But they are huge in the land of the rising sun. The new Deli-Mini was out of our budget as well. So no Delica replacement. But...

We got a good deal on a Diahatsu Tanto. It is basically one of those ubiquitous Japanese shoebox' on wheels. We call it Timmy Tanto. SInce our van was named after Shawn the Sheep, We figured it appropriate to name this one after the baby from said series.

So there it is...
Please don't hate us fro giving up on Delicas.
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Re: Delica Farewell

Post by deskinthewoods »

Safe travels and fun adventures! Be well, Delibros (alumni) :)
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Re: Delica Farewell

Post by thelazygreenfox »

Cute little bug. Have fun in Japan and thanks for your contributions to DC.
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