Question for Vancouver peeps

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Question for Vancouver peeps

Post by NutherMike »

I've decided it's time to treat myself to an L400. There are some questions that i'd love answers from a vancouvertite perspective though.

1) Diesel vs Gas: I actually live in Burnaby and only about 1/2 of the gas stations somewhat near me even carry diesel anymore. Auto-propane yes, but not diesel. wft? What's the situation in the rest of the lower mainland? especially Richmond and N. Van. or should i just go for the 3L V6?

2) Crystal-lite roof: ohh so pretty, but since they are 15+ years old will these hold up in raincouver?

3) Where should i buy and service? I don't have the ability to do any repairs or maintenance myself anymore after downsizing my life, so I know i'll have to pay a premium for one that's been rebuilt nicely, rather than getting a fixer-upper to work on. I have read as many good as bad reviews for Velocity and Rising Sun. Silk Road seems to market to americans and they charge a huge premium over RS and others. BeDifferentMotors seem to have a wide selection but the website looks sketch as hell. Front page has "Sell & Buy Cars / Irony actually meditation, ocupy mumble core wayfarers organic pickled." all over it 😂. JDM Imports also advertises a lot of vehicles but don't seem to be very transparent on what kind of work has been done to them. Just things like 'Solid van. Starts right up and has no issues with engine or transmission or powertrain in general.'

Thanks very much! I hope to join the owner's club very soon.
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Re: Question for Vancouver peeps

Post by TieMyShoe »

Gas vs diesel is personal choice, you won't really go wrong with either. If you don't really have access to diesel that kind of makes the choice for you. The other nice thing about the V6 is it is one of mitsu "globa lengines and was available in north America. that means many parts can simply be purchased at lordco, napa, worldpac etc.

Chrystal lite can leak sure... but its not THAT common... plus its cool and therefore you should get it.

As to where to service or buy.. can't really help you there as I do all my own work.
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Re: Question for Vancouver peeps

Post by shnewt »

Hello! I too am looking for a good, reliable Delica mechanic so I can't help you there. As for your other questions though...

I actually have 2 Delicas. 1 gas and 1 diesel. So let me tell you what little I know.
We bought the diesel first. 95 L400 with the crystal lite rough. Love it. However, this is the first diesel I've ever owned and was taken aback by how loud it is. Like... really loud. Its like driving large lawn mower. The first start of the day is painful. It send a bit of smoke floating through the neighbourhood. Every subsequent start is great though. I asked my mechanic about the smoke and the noise and he said "welcome to diesel" Its also gut... less. Like seriously. Hills are not my friend. There are not as many diesel stations but its not that much of a worry. There are enough around.

Then we found a '96 L400 gas... with the crystal lite roof. This one was already camperized so we decided to buy it... see which one we like more and then sell the other. It drive way better than the diesel. Faster, smoother, quieter. The vans look almost identical to one another so it's an interesting experiment.

We had always been told that if you take care of the diesel, it will last longer than the gas model with fewer needed repairs. However, I find the gas to be a better ride. That said, I do love both vans though.

I heard about the crystal lite's eventually leaking but in the dozen or so vans we've seen with these windows, I haven't seen any with leaks. And besides, if it did, I would just fix it because they are awesome.
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